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Total votes for the Contest "Video" : 124
Allowed File Types : All | Allowed File Size Limit : Any Size
Allowed File Types : All | Allowed File Size Limit : Any Size

Terms and Conditions:

By utilizing this medium you agree to follow the stipulated guidelines:

1. Network Building is essential to this platform as participants are expected to visit like,
subscribe, and follow the other links shared in the WhatsApp group.
2. You agree not to post content that promotes hate, nudity, or the use of profanity.
3. You agree to support other artists in your WhatsApp groups.
4. Participants who are found to intentionally manipulate subscribes, likes, and share will be
5. You will not exceed more than 1 post per week.
6. An affiliate is not allowed to post on your behalf even if you are a featured artist on the single.
7. Any violations of the terms and conditions will result in the content being removed. Repeated incidences will result in immediate termination of agreement and removal from media platforms and groups including but not limited to blacklisting you and or your affiliates.
8. You agree to be an Ambassador for ABT by sharing your story and ABT links with your
9. ABT Promotions encourages you to practice professional and safe networking within the groups. ABT Promotions will not be held liable for any damages or loss suffered.

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