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About us

Who we are

ABT Promotions is building a great place to find and develop Artistes.

We are a virtual, global, ambassador for Artistes and the heartbeat of ABT Promotions Music Charts and ABT Artiste Hunt and Awards. Our diverse team will help you expand your reach. Please join us as we build a global network where undiscovered and emerging artistes can express themselves.

Through this platform Artistes can submit original or cover songs however ABT Promotions will only publish and promote music content that has positive lyrics. The songs submitted may be live off the ground or studio recorded but we encourage Artistes to studio record.

Need to have your music mixed and mastered? – We can help you with that too. More info

You can also listen to and purchase beats in our online store

But that’s not all!

We know there is emerging talent in other genres such as spoken word, poetry and creative dancing and will also promote you on this platform.